Upon the arrival of Pastor Teron V. Gaddis and First Lady Janice Gaddis, God continued to move and the church.


Through Pastor Gaddis the church developed a mission statement and core values. Pastor was often heard saying from the pulpit, “I want Bethel to be the place where we worship like people have never experience before and where we love people like they have never been loved and treat people in a way they have never been treated.” This statement was the very basis for our mission statement,


We welcome you to Greater Bethel Church where our mission to help individuals live life, live it more abundantly & live life on purpose for the glory & honor of God through…  

Worshipping God’s Name, Belonging to God’s Family, Studying God’s Word, Serving God’s People and Sharing God’s Story. In 2017, Pastor Gaddis added Praying God’s Will and Giving God’s Way. 


It was under the direction of Pastor G’s preaching and teaching the church began to grow exponentially. It is during this time he instituted a Fall campaign. We studied 40 Days of Purpose, 40 Days of Prayer, 40 days of Community and 40 Days of Love.  It was in 2014 Pastor G and his staff begin writing his own Spiritual Growth Campaigns. Pastor G also led the church into 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting which led to spiritual growth in the church. In recent years Pastor G begin community-wide Praying and Fasting Campaigns inviting church across denominational lines.


After a supernatural numerical growth, Bethel purchased 25 acres of land after meeting with leadership and membership the church voted unanimous for the church toe began a capital campaign for a new building.  There were things done in and through the people by the power of God and we were able to pay off our mortgage as well as remodel the church. The remodel included a commercial kitchen, pews that had been used since the beginning were donated to another ministry and replaced with chairs and state of the art technology.


While there was exponential physical growth, Pastor Gaddis realized the great need was for spiritual growth. After this revelation from the Holy Spirit, he came back and begin a new spiritual growth strategy focused on prayer and the ministry of the Word of God.  This strategy included new sermon series preached on Sunday, with teaching on Wednesdays and discussion in small groups. 


In addition to Pastor G’s ministry in the church, God birth a brand-new ministry where seven books have been published under the ministry umbrellas, several which have been used during our prayer and fasting time.  The focus of this ministry is changing lives one verse at a time. Right now, the focus is Praying for Pastors across the world with many exciting expansions on the way in 2020. 


In 2009, Pastor Maurice Franklin, resigned from Pastoring to come back to his home church and was ask by Pastor G to join the leadership team as assist-to-the-pastor. Because of his relationship with God and his love for his pastor and the people of Bethel, he readily agreed and for over a decade now the two of them have been preaching and teaching partners. His faithfulness has been honored with an appreciation service on the second Sunday in December where we honor him as a man of God. With Pastor Franklins wisdom assisting Pastor Gaddis as a overseer role with the leaders and teaching our Older Adults Still in Service every Wednesday at 12 Noon.  As we closeout this year we have focused on prayer. We decided that in  2020, we will focus on “Being the Church rather than just coming to Church,” rebuilding Oklahoma City’s most exciting children/student ministry and continuing impacting the community in and around our church.