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Have you every been mad at God? Ramona Y. Simmons confesses how she spent over half of her life mad at God. Working in the church. Serving in ministry. Mad at God. Her life consisted of one storm after another, wondering why God was punishing her? One day when at her lowest she realized her survival depended on answering one question. What did she believe about God? Discouragement. Despair. Depression. Divorce. Death. For Every Mountain: Principles for Valley Living shares eight principles for living in the valley where we spend the majority of our time. It is a story of how God uses the hard things to move us into a position of greatness. A book that teaches greatness is about perspective not position. These principles will encourage you to accept your situation and anticipate with awe and wonder, instead of gloom and dread, what God is doing in your life. In these pages you’ll discover: - Beautiful stories of hope and healing - Biblical promises for practical living - Basic practices that lead to a more intimate relationship with God If you are tired of your mundane, mediocre life and want to finally live the life God desires for you, this book is definitely for you.

For Every Mountain: Learning to Thrive While In theValley

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