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When a crime is being solved, evidence is collected. Two primary pieces of evidence are deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and fingerprints. When DNA and fingerprints match prosecutors tend to believe they have an open and shut case.


The book of Mark identifies to us who is Jesus. This Gospel focuses on the word and works of Jesus. Mark does not offer the opinions of others. He shares words spoken by Jesus. The goal of every Christian is to become more like Jesus. Often there are those who walk around with false identities. A false identity is when someone claims to be someone they are not. When it comes to becoming more like Christ, I want to pose the following question.


Will you be found guilty?


This book offers a chance for you to walk with Jesus during His earthly ministry. It will give every reader the opportunity to dismiss all doubt on where you stand in your relationship with God. This book will help you to understand, first of all, who is Jesus. Secondly, it will challenge you to take an endoscopic look at your life in comparison to the Word of God. Lastly, upon completion, you will be able to answer the question, “Does the evidence of your life prove you are guilty of looking like Christ?”

T.S.I. The Servant's Identity